Network Applications

  • gumonji -Interactive and Linkable Environment Simulator-


    "gumonji" is a dynamic environmental simulator that enables you to create your own world and link it to your friends.

    Cute characters live on this side of the world.
    On the other side, the circulating atmosphere and water are governed by physics,
    and life adapts to varied environments through genetic evolution.
    You can use it to enjoy making a unique environment.
    You can also link your own world to your friends' worlds using a P2P network and enjoy communicating with friends using a unique social network service.
    So relax, and enjoy gumonji!

  • fast-html-template

    fast-html-template is a Ruby module which runs inside a CGI script, etc. using HTML as a template. Using HTML as a template, it's not particularly necessary to have knowledge of programming and separation of design and logic is easily accomplished.

Network Middleware

In this page, we introduce software for devoloper simply.

Please see "web for developers" when you want to know contents or prices about VCE, MM-suite.

  • VCE

    Network middleware for massive client-server applications with PC cluster servers. It supports Win32, Linux, and PlayStation2 platform . VCE has been used by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd., KOEI Co., Ltd., and some online game developers as its core middleware and working for them. VCE package includes C, C++. vce_logo

    • Client platform


  • MM-Suite

    Demo game program for MMORPG. You can study everything about MMORPG development on VCE by looking at MM-Suite. Note that it requires MySQL database.

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